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We connect your business with customers who want what you sell.

At A Better Website, we’re a small team of experienced professionals passionate about creating and improving ‘online real estate’ for small to medium businesses with a product or service to sell.

Digital Marketing Expert

Sonya Matthews loves to solve problems and help people get what they want.

Our digital marketing expert and client manager, Sonya Matthews, has over 8 years’ experience creating and managing prominent websites for well-known and influential businesses.  And her education doesn’t stop there. A trained and experienced marketer, Sonya has invested heavily in her training.  Like any leader in their field, Sonya and her team continues to engage Australia’s top website mentors to stay ahead of the game.

Between us, we have two Engineering Degrees, an MBA, a Master of Science, an Executive Diploma of Business Planning, a Diploma of Digital Marketing and a wealth of experience owning and running businesses of our own. Working with A Better Website, you are dealing with mature, experienced professionals who truly understand your business needs.

Your business is our passion.

Our online marketing experience means your website is built with a different approach from other businesses who offer website design. Brisbane based, and passionate about Mount Crosby, Karalee, Karana Downs and the beautiful surrounding areas of the Western area of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia where we live, we start with a deep understanding of your business and how it differs from the rest. This forms the basis of a powerful online marketing strategy with your website at its heart.

We design, develop, host, maintain, grow and improve the online ‘real estate’ and digital marketing strategy of small to medium businesses in Brisbane.  Although we’re locally based, we’re a worldly and well-travelled bunch and love to set our sights further afield as well.  Niche websites and blogs targeting a world wide market are in our field of interest as well. You don’t become a digital marketing expert by having a narrow focus and setting your sites low!

As an engineer, Sonya is a problem solver and enabler who likes to get people what they want. She has a strong grasp of technical concepts and is skilled at supporting businesses offering complex technical products & services, although our repertoire covers a whole range of businesses in Brisbane and beyond.

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