What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing and What Can it do for You?

The digital domain offers enormous potential for growing your business, big or small. With an effective online presence, you have the opportunity to reach new prospects and convert them into customers time and time again. To do this successfully, however, you don’t just need a website, you need an effective digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Brisbane

So What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of digital technology to market a product or service online. A digital marketing strategy makes the use of various media outlets including your website, social media and email to inform customers about your business, promote your brand, build loyalty and convert prospects into sales.

Simply placing your website online and hoping people visit is not digital marketing – it is the equivalent of leaving your business card around for someone to pick up. On the other hand, a successful digital marketing strategy engages customers, interacts with them, measures their behaviour and makes sure it offers them what they really need.

The Advantages of Digital Marketing

Brisbane businesses with a local market may believe that digital marketing has little to do with them, but the reality is that without a strong digital presence, many businesses suffer these days. When you begin to use digital marketing, on the other hand, you have the potential to grow your business in ways you never imagined.

Some of the ways digital marketing can work for your business include:

Reach a wider audience.

Even if your primary services are local, you will be surprised how many people search online before going out. With a targeted website you can attract a wider audience straight from your own back yard. Of course, if you want to, you can also attract business from all over the world.

Affordable, effective advertising.

With the help of a digital marketing specialist you can create a digital marketing strategy that suits your budget while reaching exactly the audience you want to address.

Measure your success.

Whatever your marketing channel – social media, email or website traffic – digital comes with built-in statistics that tell you exactly where your customer goes. Find out instantly what is working for you.

Create a relationship with your customers.

This is the big one. Instead of just shouting your message, digital media allow you to talk directly with your customers, respond to their comments and adjust your products in super-quick time. This keeps you at the forefront of customers’ minds and helps to build trust.

What is a Good Digital Marketing Strategy?

The ideal digital marketing strategy for you will depend on what you want to achieve and who your customers are, however the most important aspect of a digital marketing campaign is to create value for your customers so that they learn to trust you and keep coming back for more.

Examples of creating value include being available for after-sales service on Twitter or Facebook, sending regular email newsletters or running a blog on your website that give your customers helpful information for free (content marketing), or answering comments and questions in real time on your website. Creating fun, viral content that invites interactions and comments is also a powerful digital marketing tool.

Attract More Visitors to Your Website

Powerful digital marketing for Brisbane businesses includes targeted keywords that help your customers find you via major search engines such as Google or Bing, but social interactions with your customers also strengthen your presence and make you more likely to be listed highly on a search. In other words, the more value you provide to your customer, the more exposure your business will have.

The final piece in the puzzle is what happens when visitors arrive at your site. Powerful measuring tools such as Google Analytics tell you which pages they visit, and how quickly they leave. They can show you exactly which visitors lead to which sales, and which websites or emails led them to you.

In turn, this information helps you improve your website and understand more about where to engage your customers and how to really give them what they need.

Digital Marketing Will Grow Your Business

The simple answer to “What is Digital Marketing?” is simple and straightforward – it is the use of various digital media to promote your business and turn enquiries into sales and prospects into clients. But the reality is a complex, interactive process of customer engagement that can create a deep, trusting relationship with your customer, repeat visits and recommendations that will help your business grow.

If your business needs help with digital marketing, Brisbane-based A Better Website , a young, vibrant and boutique digital marketing agency, offers digital marketing solutions to suit every budget, from designing your website to creating interesting content to raise your profile and attract new visitors to your business. Sonya at A Better Website also offers essential training to help you make the most of your website and other digital marketing avenues once they’re in place – please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Good Web Design for Small Business – Where Do You Get It?

Want to Boost Profits? Build a Better Website.

When you type your business name into Google, what pops up on the screen?

  1. A business that kind of sounds similar to yours?
  2. Random bits of information that use some of the same words as your business?
  3. A link to your actual company?

If you answered anything other than ‘c’ then you should have grave concerns about losing your customers to someone else’s business. A website is a brilliant marketing tool, but if not set up properly, it can be useless to your business – and quite frankly, sometimes an embarrassment!

Small Business Website

A website should reflect the nature of your business, inform potential customers about your offerings and invite them to stop by, call or email to learn more information. It should also be simple to navigate and easy to access from mobile devices.

Anything less is simply unacceptable.

Many website builders are simply designers and will try to convince you that their styles and designs are the best when the truth is there is no strategy, no synergy, no perfect fit. There is certainly no understanding of what makes your business different and the unique value you offer your customers.

In short, no reason at all for potential customers to choose you over one of your competitors.

People today live and breathe by their mobile phones.

“We shop online, we socialise online, we get information and learn online, not much happens these days if you don’t go online!” says web consultant Sonya Matthews. “Businesses need to be online and anything but a strategically tailored website just won’t cut it!”

Potential customers have no time for poorly designed websites – or the businesses behind them. They will click off your site fast as lightning.

What’s the secret behind ‘good’ Websites?

Sonya Matthews has dedicated all of her skills and resources into helping her customers generate additional revenue through their online efforts. She connects with clients and professionally creates websites that reflect the unique attributes of a business.

“This doesn’t just mean ‘building websites’, but also having the understanding, knowledge, skills and experience in business and marketing, aesthetic design, content marketing, webmastering, customer online search habits, and more,” she said.

Ask Sonya what she can do for your business. Call 0400 883 518 or email info@ABetterWebsite.com.au .

Make your website more than landing spot – make it the centrepiece of an online strategy!


Small Business Web Design is Only the Beginning

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here

Here at A Better Website, we don’t only specialise in small business web design – because the design is only the first part of the picture – we focus on creating a powerful and memorable online presence for each small business that we work with. We want your customers to find you, find the information they need about you and choose you over your competition to provide them with the products and services they need.

Small Business Web Design

Business Web Design – and the Rest!

As well as this great ‘visible’ online presence, we provide the much needed ‘behind the scenes’ website services that go with owning a website. Things like the hosting, the backups, the security to make sure the whole thing can’t be lost! Content Management (putting more ‘stuff’ on your website!) is a great strategy for businesses and we offer assistance with this, as well as Facebook account management, video on websites and more besides. We’re also passionate about providing the client support small business owners and operators need to ensure their business fully benefits from their website, but doesn’t cause them a headache.

Spend Your Time Where You Are Most Effective

As a small business owner/operator, you will want to be working ‘on’ your business just as much, if not more, than working ‘in’ your business wherever possible. The last thing you need is another job to do! If you’re a crazy keen internet person (like we are!) then you may wish to design, build, host, update etc etc a website for your business. But for most small businesses out there, we know this is not the case. Affordable small business web design, and the other associated services, just makes good sense.

Website Design Brisbane Small Business

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, a professionally put together online presence will benefit your business.

 Businesses Websites Are Their Future

Your business needs a website. Not just any old ‘slapped together’ website. Your business needs a better website. There are many reasons why small businesses need a website. A better website helps your business to be found by customers. A better website gives those customers information about you and helps them make their decision to contact you for product/services. If they don’t find your business website, but find that of your competitors – your business loses out. If they find your website and they find that of your competitors and your site does not give them the information they need, the solution they want, the ‘customer experience’ that makes them pick up the phone and call you (email you, visit you…), then your website has failed your business.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, a professionally put together online presence will benefit your business.

We offer you the opportunity to have the online presence of your business taken care of – professionally, diligently, cleverly.

Small business web design is just the beginning.

Call us today on 0400 883 518 for a no obligation chat about how we can help your business with your “online real estate”.