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“I don’t need a Digital Marketing Consultant – I just need more traffic”

Digital Marketing ConsultantOkay, then!  So I am the owner and manager of A Better Website and I won’t tell you I am a Digital Marketing Consultant!  But I can offer to deliver more traffic to your website and help grow your business.  And I am willing to stand by that commitment.  If you want to increase the traffic, customers or new leads to your website, then we have the experience, skills and qualifications to make it happen.  If you want to improve any aspect of the way your business operates, then call A Better Website.  We are happy to discuss any aspect of your business, from modernising an existing website, or designing a new website.  And how to get more traffic.

How badly do you want more traffic?

Of course you want more traffic, and you need a trustworthy and reliable provider like A Better Website to work with.  Don’t be fooled by the old fashioned and outdated “black hatters”.  These are the shady website builders who offer quick wins, by bending lots of rules.  They offer to grow unrealistic traffic levels that never seems to convert properly, and the traffic never seems to last.  Instead, here at A Better Website we only offer “white hat” tactics – appropriate, professional and Google-approved methods.  This is how we help grow your business in a sustainable and long term strategy.  We offer a strategic and holistic method for generating more customers for your business.

Digital Marketing Consultant

“How do I get more traffic?”

There is a whole world out there devoted to how to get more traffic, but not everything is applicable to your business.  So the real question is, how to get more traffic to my business?  Well the answer depends.  It depends on:

  • what types of customers you really want,
  • what your customers are looking for, and
  • how we can make sure that your customers can find your business quickly and easily.

There is free or organic traffic that is delivered from the Google search engines, or there is paid traffic from Adwords, or Facebook marketing, or a whole host of different options.  How do you know which is best for your particular business?

Perhaps you DO need a digital marketing consultant, after all!

Sure, you can set off and try to do it yourself.  But there is a lot to learn about how to grow traffic to your website.  This creates the risk of neglecting your core business, while you learn all about a brand new area.  Or you can talk to us here at A Better Website and cut straight to the facts.  Yes, we are digital marketing consultants with the right skills, experience and qualifications in digital marketing to help you.  These days, if you don’t have a decent online marketing strategy, you are basically sending potential customers straight to your competitors.

Here’s why you need a digital marketing consultant

Don’t waste your valuable opportunities.  As with anything in this world, there is not much point in starting a journey if you don’t know what direction to begin.  Doing well online is all about strategy.  There is a lot more to it than just having a pretty website.  A digital marketing strategy is the best way to set a direction and intent for your business.  It is all about having the right elements, in the right place, on the right website.  Getting more traffic is all about providing the best possible user experience so that customers can find your website and find your business.

Why do I need a digital marketing strategy?

Believe it or not, a digital marketing strategy is fundamental to getting more traffic.  The way to get more traffic is to start with a digital marketing strategy.  Here at a A Better Website we can help you get both – more traffic and a digital marketing strategy to grow your business. A decent business strategy can help to clarify which direction your business should go.  For example, should you build a website for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), or should you focus on an advertising campaign?  Should you spend your money advertising online, or in the print media?

How do I set up a digital marketing strategy?

First, we need to assess the strengths and values within your business.  We need to understand what makes your business stand out from the others.  We also need to understand the competitors within your market, and look at what they are doing right, or opportunities to do better.  Then we can build a digital marketing strategy based around finding more leads, attracting more customers, satisfying the market, and keeping them happy and engaged.  This is why you need a digital marketing consultant with skills, experience and qualifications.  You can check on our backgrounds here About Us , and on our LinkedIn Profiles: Sonya Matthews and Tony Matthews.

A digital strategy tailored for your business

When you talk to a digital marketing consultant from A Better Website, we can help with a solution tailored to your business.  We offer a holistic solution, not just a ‘one size fits all’ strategy.  We have the skills and experience to implement an SEO strategy, content marketing, video, audio or written content, e-commerce, social media promotion, online advertising, and email marketing campaigns.  No matter what your business needs, A Better Website offers an ideal solution for your business.

Call A Better Website today to speak to your future digital marketing consultant.