Social Media Paid Ads

Facebook Advertising AgencyBy now you’ve probably worked out that there’s more to advertising on Facebook than just ‘Boosting’ a post.  A presence on Facebook – and advertising on Facebook – is pretty much a prerequisite for a successful business these days.  However, there’s more to being a Facebook advertising agency than just specialising in Facebook ads.  Hmmmm tricky one… how can that be?

We don’t specialise in just Facebook ads.  Because although Facebook is a key player in the emarketing strategy of many busiesses, using it in isolation is unwise.  What we do is focus on overall digital marketing strategy for small to medium business, so our approach is holistic.  That means we assess the overall needs of a business.  And our resulting strategy encompasses the relevant digital assets and channels.   This approach can often integrate a website, Search Engine Optimisation, content marketing, email marketing, social media management, image and branding, message and tone and extend to customer service and customer reviews.

So Facebook ads (and those for other social media channels) prepared for our clients are tailored specifically for their needs.  Furthermore, ads are integrated with & matched with their other content & derived from their overall goals and strategy.

Facebook Advertising Agency

Great videos are also a part of our Facebook advertising agency services.  We focus a lot on videos because it’s such a powerful medium for engagement.  Our small, but very skilled team of digital experts work on our clients’ campaigns and our reporting ensures complete transparency.

Personalised Service

If you want to be looked after as an individual, and with very personalised service, that is what we offer.  As our client, you will have the opportunity to be in close contact with us personally, if that is your preference.  Or, we can work entirely on your behalf and you can take a hands-off approach.  Each business we work with has a different level of interest in their digital marketing activities.  Some want to be involved, some don’t.  So we cater for all needs!

Facebook advertising

Most people know all about Facebook, and we hear about it just about every day.  Yes – Facebook is a bit of a distraction.  And yes, it mostly just a way for people to send messages and photos.  But the simple fact is that most people (who are the likely audience for your business) are already on Facebook.  More than a billion daily users.  So Facebook is the biggest platform, and the most popular social media channel.  Would you like to be able to advertise your products or services to the largest audience on social media?  Then call us for a discussion about how we can serve you as your Facebook advertising agency.

What is Facebook advertising?

Facebook advertising is a growing field of marketing that aims to attract an audience of the many millions of Facebook users. The real benefit in using Facebook advertising is that the Facebook algorithm has been cleverly designed to gather demographical data about its users.  Facebook have not done this to stalk people, but rather so that Facebook can give people the best user experience.  So that they keep coming back to Facebook!  And the Facebook algorithm can be used for Facebook advertising.  The benefit of using Facebook advertising is that you can be pretty sure that the ads are placed right in front of the most appropriate audience for your ads.

Facebook advertising is better than mass media ads

The problem with traditional advertising on mass media is that you never know who is receiving the message.  For many years, the accepted way to advertise was through the mass media, such as television, radio or newspapers.  And this method of blanket advertising is usually very expensive, which is crazy when you cannot be sure who is watching or reading the ads.  The biggest problem with mass media advertising is that fewer and fewer people are actually tuning in.  So it might just be a complete waste of money!

You need a Facebook advertising agency

Don’t waste your money on mass media advertising, because the numbers are dwindling rapidly.  But the cost of advertising is not reducing!  Just imagine if you could advertise to where the biggest numbers are.  Think about how much money you could save on advertising.  Just imagine if you could target your advertising to exactly the right demographic audience, instead of just broadcasting.  Well these days, we can make that a reality.  Give us a call at A Better Website, and we can discuss how a Facebook advertising agency can save you big money on advertising.

Get your business on Facebook!

Facebook advertising is a powerful way for businesses to attract clients and customers.  But it needs to be done carefully.  The best way to build an audience on Facebook is to use an attentive Facebook advertising agency.  An experienced Facebook advertising agency will develop a digital marketing strategy tailored for your business.  The strategy needs to consider your industry as a whole, what the competitors are doing, and what makes you stand out from the crowd.  Here at A Better Website, our aim is to help small business stand out online, and we are passionate about helping you to achieve your goals.  So we do more than just build websites, and we have the skills and experience as a Facebook advertising agency to help you get there.

Does your business need a Facebook advertising agency?

There is no doubt that the vast majority of people are active on Facebook.  After all it is the biggest website in the world!  Here at A Better Website, we can help you with Facebook advertising to promote your business, develop your brand awareness, and build an audience of loyal followers.  However, there is more to Facebook advertising than just an occasional post or picture.  There is an art to creating a group of raving fans on Facebook.  And unless you know what you are doing, it is a very time consuming job to manage Facebook. The benefit of using a Facebook advertising agency is that it enables you to grow a very targeted, engaged and loyal group of followers.

Facebook advertising can work really well

But even better, Facebook advertising has the ability to target very specific groups of followers in order to reduce the ad spend.  The better the audience is selected and attracted, the better investment is the cost of ads!  How is that for an attractive proposition?  Don’t waste your money on expensive and potentially fruitless advertising in the mass media.  Instead, find them with Facebook advertising.  Facebook advertising can work really well, but it has to be done gently.  Don’t scare off your potential clients by putting the hard sell on them, because it doesn’t work that way.  Consumers are educated and savvy.  They know they  have choice and they know they have power.  Use an expert like A Better Website as your Facebook advertising agency, and we can manage the whole process on your behalf.  We know how to tailor a digital marketing strategy for your business.

Why Choose A Better Website as your Facebook advertising agency?

Here at A Better Website, we have an experienced Facebook advertising agency, with a strategic focus.  We are a small team of focussed and dedicated digital experts who are switched on to social media.  We can manage the whole range of social media tasks, such as platform posting, content development, video content, brand promotion and customer service.  Because video content is one of the most powerful and engaging forms of Facebook advertising, we specialise in producing video and even Facebook live video streaming.  We have experience with running Facebook advertising campaigns, and we collect a comprehensive range of Facebook analytics data so that we can report back to you.  We believe in providing a transparent and individual service, and you can speak to your manager at any time.

Choose a Facebook Advertising Agency that works for you

We will help you to develop a digital marketing strategy that is tailored for your business.  And we can integrate a Facebook advertising campaign as a component of that strategy.  We don’t just throw money at an ad campaign, we always have an end game in mind.  To help your business stand out online.

Contact us at A Better Website and we can discuss how to boost your Facebook followers, and increase clients to your business.