Frequently Asked Questions

You’re bound to have some knowledge and experience of small business websites, but you’re likely to have some questions as well! Here are some of the things our customers want to know:

I have a Facebook page, so why do I need a website?

Social media platforms such as Facebook are an important marketing tool for any small business, but putting all your eggs in the Facebook basket is a potentially risky choice.

For starters, Facebook will always own your page and everything you share. You can never sell it as you could a website, as it isn’t yours to sell. Facebook have the power to make changes to your page and could even close it whenever they choose! While you can upload PDFs and videos and run promotions, Facebook still place limitations on what you can do. A small business website gives you full control over your content all of the time.

In addition, Facebook is unlikely to reach all of your potential customers as easily as a small business website. Despite appearances, not everyone is on Facebook and without a website your best customers might simply pass you by! Those who find you on Facebook may show a passing interest in your page without being interested in your business or ever wanting to buy.

With a small business website, you have the ability to reach more customers and tell them more about your business and services when they arrive. A good business website with strong marketing strategy will reach more of the right customers who are already searching for what you sell.

Unlike Facebook, you also have the ability to fully analyse your customers’ behaviour – how many visitors you attract, which pages they visit and how often they buy. Although Facebook pages do provide some customer insights, they cannot tell you as much about your customers as a good website will.

Your best option is to have a presence on Facebook and other social media as well as the full control that a well-crafted website provides.

My child can build a website! Why should I pay you for one?

Yes, just about anyone with an internet connection can build a website these days.

But not all websites are created equal! The difference between a home-grown web presence and a fully-fledged marketing website is like the difference between the dodgems and Formula 1. However beautiful your website looks, or however cleverly its pages whizz, flash and spin, if it doesn’t attract the right customers then it’s not doing its job.

Our skills and experience lie not only in building and maintaining a basic website, but more importantly in the underlying marketing strategies, essential website structure and setup and tools that bring you more and better clients and increase your market share. Our carefully crafted websites are built to your own specific set of requirements and designed to attract customers who are ready to buy.

I can build websites for free. Why shouldn’t I do it myself?

You run a small business and you have time to build your own website? Awesome! Or tiresome – you choose.

As a small business owner, you’ve probably put in plenty of hours sweeping the floor and answering calls, but if you’re looking at our website you’ve probably realised there are more lucrative ways to be spending your time. Your goal should be to work on your business and improve its profitability and value – let us use our expertise to save you some valuable time.

There are plenty of others who do what you do – why should we choose you?

We’re so pleased you asked us that!

First and foremost, we care. Our mission is to help small to medium-sized businesses to develop a strong online presence that enhances their business in a number of ways. This may be by attracting attention to your business and increasing the number of customer enquiries and sales, as well as increasing your value by adding a website to your business assets. Our well-crafted websites are designed to enhance the perception of your business and are created to serve your specific business needs.

We are small, attentive, committed and pride ourselves on client relations and support. We’re so sure of our value that we offer a 30 Day money back guarantee! *

Finally, unlike some companies who create SEO websites, we are trained and experienced marketers, skilled at converting internet traffic into the paying customers you need.

Can I do my own hosting?

Certainly! That’s why we offer tailored Packages – we don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’. If you have your own hosting company, or access to someone who can host your site, we will hand your site over to you once it’s complete.

My website’s not pretty, but at least I’m online. Why do I need to improve?

Your website may very well be the first thing a potential customer knows about you.

You only get ONE chance to make a first impression! Online, people make judgements in seconds. If your visitors don’t see something they like, they’ll probably leave.

Imagine if you were a builder with a dated, home-made website – what does it say about your work? If you don’t care about your website, your clients will be thinking, what will they do with my house? Your website needs to showcase your business, with examples of previous work and testimonials from happy clients. Your customer wants to know you care, or they won’t even ask you to quote.

There’s no need for your website to be elaborate or deeply technical but it does need to be carefully and thought-out and well-planned. That’s where A Better Website comes in!

I already have just about as many customers as my business can cope with. How will a website help me?

This is the plight of many a small business! Busy, busy, busy and no time or energy to look strategically.

The same as your plant & equipment, specialist craftsmen and women, or years of tradition, a cleverly developed website is an asset that adds value to your business. Your website can significantly increase the market value of your business in the event you wish to sell.

I don’t know about websites and I’m too busy to learn. How could I look after it?

You don’t have to!

Just because we love to spend days glued to the computer screen, we know not everyone is ‘tech savvy’ or interested in the online world. But because any successful business needs an online presence these days, we offer support packages that give you the benefits of a well-crafted website without any of the work that involves.

We have options to support every business – ask us how we can help. Contact Us here or on 0400 883 518 now.

Money is tight right now – how will a website improve my business?

We would say that no business can afford NOT to have a website these days! More and more people are searching online for what they need, which means that if you don’t have a website, they’ll go somewhere else.

A great website with a built-in marketing strategy is an investment for your business. Not only will it add value to your business should you ever wish to sell, but it will attract new buyers who may not have found you any other way.

How much will my website cost?

Hard to answer… this depends on what you want your website to achieve.

Some businesses only want a straightforward, simple site that shares basic contact information and a description, while others will be in hot competition with other businesses and will need their site to do more. A competitive website may need a carefully planned marketing strategy that requires targeted information and regular content updates to rank higher on search engines than other businesses offering similar services online.

Both strategies are valid, and neither is wrong. At A Better Website, we aim to provide a solution that suits the image you need to portray, within the budget that you can afford. We won’t do anything you don’t need, and we won’t sell you something we don’t do well – we aim to provide a strong, strategic website that serves your business needs.

We suggest contacting us for a free initial consultation to determine your needs.

I may not like my website – what happens if I change my mind?

We understand exactly how you feel!

Even though we work with you closely and take great care to ensure we capture your business message and design a website you love, we know that making any changes to the image of your business is an uncertain time.

For this reason, we offer a genuine 30-day, Money back Guarantee* on your website design. That means even after we’ve worked with you, designed and developed your website and made it ‘go live’, we’ll refund your investment if you don’t feel it’s right. We may ask questions, but only to understand how we can improve – customer satisfaction is our only concern!

*A non-refundable, 30% Deposit is due when you first place your order.

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