Want to Boost Profits? Build a Better Website.

When you type your business name into Google, what pops up on the screen?

  1. A business that kind of sounds similar to yours?
  2. Random bits of information that use some of the same words as your business?
  3. A link to your actual company?

If you answered anything other than ‘c’ then you should have grave concerns about losing your customers to someone else’s business. A website is a brilliant marketing tool, but if not set up properly, it can be useless to your business – and quite frankly, sometimes an embarrassment!

Small Business Website

A website should reflect the nature of your business, inform potential customers about your offerings and invite them to stop by, call or email to learn more information. It should also be simple to navigate and easy to access from mobile devices.

Anything less is simply unacceptable.

Many website builders are simply designers and will try to convince you that their styles and designs are the best when the truth is there is no strategy, no synergy, no perfect fit. There is certainly no understanding of what makes your business different and the unique value you offer your customers.

In short, no reason at all for potential customers to choose you over one of your competitors.

People today live and breathe by their mobile phones.

“We shop online, we socialise online, we get information and learn online, not much happens these days if you don’t go online!” says web consultant Sonya Matthews. “Businesses need to be online and anything but a strategically tailored website just won’t cut it!”

Potential customers have no time for poorly designed websites – or the businesses behind them. They will click off your site fast as lightning.

What’s the secret behind ‘good’ Websites?

Sonya Matthews has dedicated all of her skills and resources into helping her customers generate additional revenue through their online efforts. She connects with clients and professionally creates websites that reflect the unique attributes of a business.

“This doesn’t just mean ‘building websites’, but also having the understanding, knowledge, skills and experience in business and marketing, aesthetic design, content marketing, webmastering, customer online search habits, and more,” she said.

Ask Sonya what she can do for your business. Call 0400 883 518 or email info@ABetterWebsite.com.au .

Make your website more than landing spot – make it the centrepiece of an online strategy!