Video Production for Business

video production Now, more than ever, we are seeing (and hearing) that video is the best way to convey your message to the user.  There is no doubt that video for business is undergoing a massive increase in demand and popularity.  Or maybe we should say this.  Video has been popular ever since the advent of moving pictures, but it is now becoming very common in the internet space as well.  But if you don’t know a thing about video production, how do you use it in your marketing?

There is no prize for guessing who is the largest channel supplier of video content on the internet – that is YouTube.  But what you might not realise is that YouTube offers a little more than simply video entertainment.  YouTube actually performs search engine algorithms to provide the user with the type of content they most likely want to see.  And we shouldn’t forget Facebook in this discussion, because they are the largest website on the internet.  You may have noticed the increasing use of video on your Facebook feed?  That is because it is the best way to reach, engage and retain a wider audience.

Working out how to get some video production going for your business is becoming essential in order to compete strongly.

How is video content useful for Business?

Consider YouTube.  There has been a huge shift in the way that the viewing audience is presented with options.  With more than 1 billion active users on YouTube, the platform is being targeted for advertising outlets that want to choose a selective audience for their marketing strategy.  Such a large viewing audience means a fantastic marketing opportunity.  And the way to make use of this opportunity is through quality video content.  (Not expensive video production, might we add!) And just recently, Facebook has announced a change in the way the audience is engaged with the best and most applicable information.  Rest assured that video content is more relevant than ever!

Video Production

Video content is the way of the future!

Every business needs to consider a video content strategy to attract the best audience.  This video content strategy needs to contain an element of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in exactly the same way that content is SEO optimised for websites.  When SEO is applied correctly, the video platform can provide your video content in response to appropriate searches.  If you don’t have a video content strategy in place, or if you don’t have a the correct SEO plan, then you are missing out on a huge source of organic traffic.  The problem here isn’t simply that you are missing out on traffic, the problem is that your competitors might just be cashing in big time.  Video production for your video content strategy does not have to be elaborate, expensive or enormously time consuming.

Video content can boost organic traffic

The use of video content in conjunction with the right SEO plan can attract a rich stream of organic traffic.  This gives you more leads and more customers.  In fact, video content allows the user to more closely engage with you and your products or services, which means it is easier for them to make the decision to purchase.  The investment in video production could very well return greater value to your business, many times over.

Stand out from the crowd – even with simple video production!

If you are looking for a way to stand out from the competition, then high quality video content with personalised information can provide a huge benefit.  Let’s take a look at some of the ways that video content can help you to engage with more customers, and help them to make a purchase, or accept your call to action.

1. Attract alternative streams of organic traffic

If you have a website, then you are probably aware of the methods to attract organic traffic via written content.  If you have a bricks and mortar business, then you may be more familiar with media advertising, such as TV, print, or even the yellow pages.  But the problem with these forms of mass media advertising is that you never know who that audience is.  The benefit of video content marketing is that you can apply the benefits of SEO and audience selection to provide the most suitable content to the most appropriate audience.  In this way, you can attract and retain alternative streams of traffic and customers.

2. Fast delivery of information

Video is the fastest and easiest way to convey your message.  It is important to understand that different people absorb and retain information in different ways.  Some people are very visual, which means they like video as a natural sensory input.  Some people like to listen to an audio file.  So it is important to provide audio with all your video content.  Conversely these people may not like to read a lot of content.  But everyone likes to watch and absorb an entertaining and well produced video.  If you want to choose the best, all round way to capture the audience’s attention, then video content is the way to go.

3. Better engagement with customers

Video is also a great way for your audience to get to know you better.  With a personal and engaging video content strategy, your customers can feel as though they have a personal interaction with you.  Of course, you will not have any personal interaction with them.  But the benefit of a high quality and relevant video message, prospective customers can gain an affinity with you and your brand.  Affinity can be a very important factor when it comes time to make the decision to purchase.  So in effect, not only does video content attract better customers, but it helps to convert sales as well.  It is well worth giving video production a go, and we can help you with this.

4. Increase your band of admiring followers

There are many advantages of using video content on your digital channels.  Consider Facebook as one example.  One of the advantages of using video content Facebook is the opportunity to grow your band of ‘raving fans’.  What happens when you find a bunch of prospects who like what you have to offer?  They will share it with their friends.  Their friends in turn, are also likely to become admiring followers.  They can then share it with their friends, and the audience grows.  Of course, the best way to encourage the growth of the audience is with high quality video content.  High quality video content is engaging, is easy to absorb, and develops loyalty amongst followers.  That is what we’re after. Note we didn’t say elaborate and expensive video production!

There is an even more enormous potential that exists with a Facebook audience.  This is the potential to replicate your existing followers with a “look-a-like” audience.  And here’s the kicker – Facebook helps you find them.  That capability alone can expand your reach exponentially.  But that is a specialised discussion about Facebook marketing and you can read more HERE.  So having a well thought out Facebook strategy for your business is well worth having for many businesses.

5. Keep your customers coming back for more

There is a well known philosophy in marketing.  Once you have successfully sold something to a customer, they are more amenable to buying more form you.  But only if you engage them with more content, more products, or special deals for repeat customers.  By providing great video content, you can both attract and retain loyal customers to your business or website.  Find out what your customers want and be sure to give them great value.  That is the best way to ensure an upsell of your products, or ongoing sales in the future.

6. Stand out from the crowd

When you use video content to promote your business, you can stand out from your competition.  On the other hand, if you do not have a video content strategy, then sooner or later your competitors probably will.  Don’t look like an amateur, and don’t let your business fall behind the pack.  Build a strong video content strategy today and make your business stand out from the crowd!

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