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Website Maintenance BrisbaneWhen you choose A Better Website to help your business stand out online, we also support your website now and into the future.  We provide managed hosting and website maintenance services from our Brisbane based digital agency.  This is a completely hassle free service for you, to keep your business website operating optimally.  A business needs their website fully operational 24/7 and that’s what the maintenance services we provide are for.  We’re your first point of call if you have an issue with your website.  We take care of your digital assets, so you can take care of what you do best – running your business.

What are website maintenance services and managed hosting?

Website Hosting

A website is more than just pictures and text that flash up on the screen!  A WordPress –  or any other – website, is a collection of stored files on (usually) a remote server.  The files are accessed by the “magic” of the internet.  The website files are called up, on command, when someone types in the domain name.  That means that all websites require some amount of ‘memory’ or ‘disc space’ to be available for storing the data files.  Those files are stored with a hosting account, generally within a major data centre.  A data centre is a purpose built facility with banks of computer storage space, banks of air conditioners, and back up power supplies, so that the computers are guaranteed to operate continuously.  That is what website data hosting is all about, and we engage the experts to provide us these bullet-proof facilities.

Can’t I just get cheap hosting?

You can.  Anyone can rent a bit of space on the servers of a hosting company.  And if you’re a technically inclinded you’ll know how to look after them, and keep an eye on them.  But although the hosting companies will ensure your server has maximum up-time (your website will not be down due to computer outage), they don’t manage the files.  They may do backups and if you’re confident those backups are regular enough, complete enough and you know how to restore a ‘broken’ website from a backup, you may be well-placed to manage your own website hosting and maintenance. If you have time.

So, what of the website files and database stored on the hosting accounts?

Website Maintenance

Why are website maintenance services necessary?

All websites require maintenance services and managed hosting.  This is to ensure the files and database of the website are always available, updated and made secure.  If the components of the website aren’t maintained, the website will not work properly.  And that would be disastrous for a business that depends upon their website for their leads.

Professional website maintenance & support services

There is more to maintenance services and managed hosting than just storing and the website files and database!  When you run a business website, you want to be able to make changes, upgrades, offer new products, and do live updates.  And then there is the updates that come from external sources.  Google updates, security updates and WordPress updates happen on a regular basis.  These updates are not just a nice-to-have feature!  In fact, we recommend you approach website updates as a necessary part of your business success.  If you don’t pay attention to the latest developments with Google (and other search engines) then there is a risk that your website will become obsolete, insecure, and invisible to your customers.

Managed hosting and website maintenance services that you can trust

When you need to rely on your website working properly 24/7, then you need a website maintenance services you can depend on.  And that is why you can depend on A Better Website to provide the services you need.  We use only the most trusted and reputable data management service providers, with very reasonable rates.  Your data storage and handling requirments and issues are managed on your behalf, with carefully selected servers for stable and reliable results.  You can also opt for us to manage the domain name registration and domain registrar to make sure nothing gets forgotten.  Dealing with the situation where the website or domain name is lost is something none of us ever want to deal with!  No domain, no website!

What do you get as part of our services?

Managing a website is a bit like maintaining a car.  You depend on it working properly every day, and it is not until something goes wrong that you realise how important it is!  Unfortunately, when the car breaks down, it is too late to wish you had done that maintenance earlier. It is the same with a website.  They need regular maintenance to avoid problems.  The first and most basic level of the website maintenance services that we provide is a weekly back up system.  That means that no matter how often you post articles or information on your website, we keep an up-to-date record of the most recent changes.  Then there is the regular updates of WordPress software, and managing the various plugins that make your website look great and function properly.  Of course, making sure that the latest security safeguards are in place is also critically important.

Website maintenance services keeps your website running properly

Just like changing the engine oil in your car, website maintenance makes sure your website is reliable and running smoothly.  There are always changes and updates from Google.  Keeping up with the pace of change is a basic neccessity for today’s business.  There are always technology innovations that we need to adapt for.  Google always remind us that website users like a fast response when they search for something. So we need to make sure that your website is optimised for speed.  When you need to go fast, it is best to use the good oil!  Choose A Better Website for your managed hosting and website maintenance services in Brisbane – and even the rest of Australia.

What website maintenance and managed hosting services do we provide from our Brisbane Qld office?

A core part of our business at A Better Website is to provide website developer services. Once we have designed and developed a website for a business, then we offer to maintain and host it for them.  Then it stays as good as the day it was completed!  There are a wide range of services that must be regularly maintained to keep a business website operating properly.  Your time is better spent on working in your business, not on your website.  So, let A Better Website handle the technical issues on your behalf.  We provide a comprehensive website maintenance and managed hosting service, with any or all of these inclusions:

  • Website installation and configuration
  • Website performance monitoring
  • Reliable and stable hosting service
  • Weekly backup service
  • Backups stored to two independent locations
  • Update WordPress themes (checking of autoupdates)
  • Management of WordPress plugins
  • Regular update and review service
  • Regular security service
  • Security updates and plugins
  • Configuration changes
  • Personalised technical support

Choose the best website maintenance services and managed hosting

Call us at A Better Website to discuss all your website needs.  We provide a comprehensive and personalised solution to your business website technical needs.