Website Recovery & Repair

Have you ever had your website go down, or be hacked?   Have you ever had malicious content sent to your contact pages?  Is your WordPress website broken?  Have you ever been locked out of your own website?  Don’t panic, you are not alone!  This is the unfortunate reality of working in the online world with a proliferation of SPAMers, hackers, and trolls.  That’s why we offer website repair services and help businesses with website recovery when the worst happens.

The best way to deal with these online distractions is to maintain a defence against malicious attempts to gain access to your website.  There are numerous ways to install SPAM shields and protect against illegal logins.  However, these protections need to be regularly updated.  And despite the best efforts, there is always the possibility that your website might go down for other reasons.

Has your website ever broken or failed for unknown reasons?

Again, you are not alone!  This happens to everyone, but it can be extremely disconcerting.  Because often there is not much you can do about it, especially if you are not a technical person.  Sometimes there can be a simple fix, or sometimes your hosting company can fix it.  But sometime things can go really badly wrong,  and you can even be locked out of your own website!
But these things can all be a major distraction to your business.  If you prefer to remain focussed on working on your business rather than worrying about your website, then call A Better Website for help with website repair services.Website Repair Services

Why would you need website repair services?

Here at A Better Website, we understand the frustration that you feel as a business owner, managing your own website.  The reason we can list all of these problems is because we have experienced them ourselves at some time or other.  Quite often, we get emergency call from business owners who have a problem with their website.  The problem could be anything from hackers, to hosting problems, or a sales page not quite right.  By applying our website repair services, we can usually find a way to sort things out.  Once we got a call from someone who lost their website completely, and we even sorted that one out!

And we understand that when you are running a business, your main focus should be on the business.  Not trying to manage the technical details of the website. Do you do your own taxes?  Chances are you get a taxation specialist to take care of your business taxes.  Do you take care of your own company vehicles?  Chances are you get a qualified mechanic to take care of the cars, trucks and other specialist equipment.  The photocopier expert.  The IT expert.  All specialists.  It’s the same with websites and digital marketing services – these are best handled by a specialist.  For website issues, your business will benefit greatly from our website repair services.

If your business depends on the leads that come from your website and your search engine results positions (are you on the first page of Google for any of your main search terms?), any loss of website functionality could severely impact your bottom line.

That’s why we offer expert website repair services.  The relief on the business owner’s face (or in their voice) is a great reward.

Website repair services to keep current

Like a vehicle, websites are logically put together and usually possible to troubleshoot and diagnose.  But, like a car, they need a bit of maintenance and attention on a regular basis to prevent expensive and inconvenient problems from arising.  Every now and again Google will throw a spanner in the works and change some protocols around just to make sure we are all paying attention!  Of course, just like everything in the online world, the pace of change is very rapid.  You just can’t stand still.  And this is where A Better Website can offer to help you out.  We stay current with all the latest updates regarding websites, SPAM shields, login protections, WordPress updates, and the inevitable changes to the Google algorithm.

We can keep your website up to date

Instead of you trying to keep up with the pace of technology change, A Better Website can do that for you.  Don’t be distracted from looking after your business – leave management of your website to us.  Because at A Better Website, that is our business!  We can act as your website technical department, as well as your ‘on staff’ digital marketer (without the overheads).  We provide a comprehensive website development and management service.  Not only can we design and develop a modern, good looking and fully functional website, but we offer a comprehensive hosting function, where we will manage all aspects of your website, including regular maintenance, update, and repair services.

Keep your website backed up and maintained regularly

Just like your car, your website will benefit from regular maintenance and check ups.  But unlike your car, here at A Better Website, we run a regular back up service without you having to book it in.  That means that if the worst should happen, we can simply and easily restore your website from the most recent backup.  You’ll be back up up and running in no time.  You don’t even have to know when it happens, all of our back up and maintenance services are done in the background, so there is no impact on your business.  Simply peace of mind knowing that A Better Website is looking after you and your website.

Click here to learn more about managed website hosting and support services at A Better Website.

Can we repair and restore old websites?

The answer here is – quite often!  There can be a benefit to retain an older website if there is value in the there.  But this is where A Better Website can run some qualitative software analysis of an old website to determine whether it is better to retain the old content, or start with a fresh design.  We have had examples of retaining an old website URL, and building a new design.  Google recognised the changes very quickly, and ranked the new content above much of the competition.  Needless to say, the business owner was pleased with that outcome, even if it meant some additional cost up front.  We can also demonstrate examples of how a new website can work better than trying to overcome too many legacy issues.

Do you want A Better Website?

If you need to discuss options to improve your business and your website goals, then give us a call at A Better Website.  We offer a comprehensive strategy service, where we can discuss ways to help you stand out online, and to meet your business goals.

No matter whether you have a website already, or need some repairs, or need a whole new website, give us a call at A Better Website, and we will be happy to help!